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Bespoke Yorkshire Sliding Sash Windows

Our bespoke Yorkshire slide wooden windows are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a classic and elegant window style.


Bespoke Yorkshire Sliding Sash Windows

Our bespoke Yorkshire slide wooden windows are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a classic and elegant window style.

With their characteristic horizontal sliding sashes and traditional oak runners, Yorkshire slide windows are ideal for cottages, period properties, and listed buildings.

What is a Yorkshire sliding sash window?

Yorkshire sliding sash windows are a perfect fit for smaller window openings commonly found in cottages, period, and listed buildings.

Unlike other sliding windows that operate vertically, these compact sashes use a horizontal sliding mechanism to maximise ventilation and natural light without demanding extra vertical space.

Put simply, Yorkshire sliding sash windows effortlessly blend traditional charm with modern functionality.

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Features of our Yorkshire sliding sash windows


Bespoke Design

Tailored to your specific needs, our Yorkshire Slide windows can replicate the style of your existing windows or be crafted to a new design, ensuring a perfect match for your home’s architectural style.


Varied Bar Construction

We can accommodate all types of bar construction including face mounted and solid bars, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities.


Horizontal Sliding Mechanism

Unlike typical sash windows, the horizontal slide on a modern track system embodies traditional charm while ensuring ease of operation.


Longevity and Minimal Upkeep

The modern track system allows for smooth operation and promises long-term durability with minimal required maintenance.


Ideal for Heritage Settings

Operating on traditional oak runners, these windows are not only suitable but ideal for period and listed projects, ensuring authenticity in every detail.


Superior Thermal Efficiency and Noise Reduction

With the use of advanced glazing technologies, enjoy a more comfortable, quieter indoor environment.

Glazing options

Our Yorkshire slide windows are available with heritage slimlite glazing or 24mm double glazing, catering to both traditional and modern preferences.

The Planitherm Glazing Range incorporates toughened glass units with warm edge spacer bars and argon filled cavities, offering enhanced thermal efficiency and noise reduction.

We also offer slimlite glazing – a 12mm double glazed unit designed to replicate the appearance of single glazing, perfect for conservation areas and listed buildings while delivering the benefits of double glazing.

Yorkshire Slider with bars - Full house

Yorkshire sliding sash windows inspiration

All of our bespoke Yorkshire slide wooden windows are handcrafted by our skilled joiners using the finest materials, including Accoya wood and oak runners. We can create windows to match your exact specifications, including the number of panels, the type of glazing, the finish, and even the shape of the window.

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Why choose Falkingham Joinery for your bespoke Yorkshire slide windows?

Our skilled joiners handcraft all of our Yorkshire slide windows for your unique requirements.

We’re experts in fitting and installing Yorkshire slide timber windows and will work closely with you to ensure that your new windows are fitted seamlessly to match your vision for them perfectly.

More of our handcrafted Yorkshire slide windows


Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke Yorkshire slide windows and to get a free quote.