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Welcome to the world of ironmongery, where the little details on your doors and windows make the biggest statement about your home. Ironmongery might be a small addition, but it catches the eye, turns heads, and says a lot about your style. 

It's like choosing the right tie for a suit or the perfect earrings for a dress – it brings everything together with a personal touch.

Matching your ironmongery to your home’s architecture isn't just about keeping up with the Joneses; it's about expressing the character of your home and enhancing its ‘curb appeal’ to everyone who passes by. Whether you’re sprucing up a quaint cottage with some rustic latches or giving a Georgian mansion the grandeur it deserves with polished handles, the right ironmongery can make all the difference.

But it's not all about putting on a show. The ironmongery you choose works hard behind the scenes to keep your home secure and functioning smoothly, day in and day out, through the unpredictable British weather.

We have a wide array of modern and traditional ironmongery options in a full selection of colours and finishes. If nothing in our showroom catches your eye, our team can help source something truly unique to add the finishing touch to your timber windows, doors, and gates.

Ironmongery Options for Doors

Selecting the right blend of handles, hinges, knockers, locks, house numbers, and finger plates can transform your doors from mere entryways into an ensemble of security, functionality, and style, each feature contributing to your home's particular personality.



Pivotal in defining the style and feel of a door. Material options include brass, stainless steel, and wrought iron, each offering a unique aesthetic.

Popular styles include Georgian and Victorian lever handles, minimalist contemporary knobs, and rustic wrought iron options, catering to various design preferences.



Hinges are both functional and decorative elements of door design. They come in various finishes, including polished brass, antique bronze, and brushed nickel, allowing for coordination with other ironmongery.

Styles include butt hinges for traditional settings, concealed hinges for a sleek look, and ornate strap hinges for a period or rustic charm.



Door knockers serve as both practical tools and statement pieces. Popular styles range from the classic lion's head and Georgian urn to more modern, minimalist designs.

Materials vary from polished brass for a traditional look to brushed nickel for a contemporary feel. Unique artisanal designs can also serve as conversation starters and reflect personal style.



Locks are essential for security and come in various types, including mortice, cylinder, and deadbolt. Finishes such as chrome, brass, and black iron cater to different aesthetic preferences.

Additional features like keyless entry or smart lock compatibility offer modern convenience, while traditional keyed locks provide timeless reliability.



Pulls add functionality and style to doors, especially larger ones. Options include bar pulls for a modern touch, ring pulls for a classic look, and D-pulls for a blend of tradition and modernity.

Material choices range from sleek stainless steel to ornate brass and rustic iron, allowing for a wide range of design themes and practical applications.


House numbers

House numbers are the finishing touch to a home's exterior, offering both style and visibility. Styles range from traditional serif fonts to modern sans-serif designs.

Materials include brass for a classic look, stainless steel for a contemporary feel, and wrought iron for a rustic appearance.

Types of Door Handles

When customising beautiful timber doors, selecting the perfect handle is key to achieving your desired aesthetic. The possibilities are vast, with handles available in a diverse range of designs spanning contemporary, traditional, modern, and period styles. 

The shape, size, materials and visual motifs of your handle selection will define how your door looks, feels and operates. An elegant bow handle evokes a traditional elegance, while a minimalist lever creates a sleek contemporary statement.



Lever handles are versatile and functional, suitable for a wide range of properties from modern homes to period houses.

In a contemporary setting, minimalist lever handles with sleek lines and matte finishes like brushed nickel or chrome offer a modern touch. For period or listed properties, ornate lever handles in polished brass or antique finishes replicate the elegance of Victorian or Georgian styles.

In cottages and townhouses, rustic lever handles made from wrought iron or with aged bronze finishes can add to the charm of the property.

Popular sub-styles include the 'scroll' design for a classic look, 'return to door' levers for a minimalistic approach, and 'drop' handles for a more traditional, ornate appearance.



Knob handles provide a timeless elegance, with their style heavily influenced by the material and finish. In modern homes, simple round or oval knobs in satin chrome or stainless steel offer a sleek, understated look.

For those restoring period homes, ceramic or glass knob handles can evoke the Victorian era, while solid brass or bronze knobs are perfect for Georgian authenticity.

In cottages, hammered or distressed finishes on knob handles can complement the rustic aesthetic. Sub-styles within this category include faceted glass knobs for a touch of glamour, beehive knobs for a quintessentially Victorian look, and smooth round knobs for a minimalist, contemporary feel.



Pull handles are ideal for making a statement, especially on larger doors. In modern properties, straight-bar pull handles with clean lines and finishes like brushed nickel or black matte stand out for their simplicity and elegance.

For period homes, pull handles in ornate designs with finishes like aged brass or copper add historical charm, fitting well with Victorian or Edwardian themes. In smaller cottages or townhouses, D-shaped pull handles or ring pulls in iron or antique finishes can add character without overwhelming the door.

Sub-styles include large bow pulls for a bold, contemporary statement, twisted iron pulls for a rustic look, and art deco-inspired pulls for adding a touch of vintage glamour to any property.


Ironmongery Options for Windows

Finding the perfect ironmongery for your bespoke timber windows starts with understanding their style and how they operate. Whether you have the wide, welcoming panes of modern casement windows that swing open to greet the day or the classic charm of traditional sliding sash windows, we can help pair the functional needs of your windows with aesthetic touches that complement your home's character. 



This is used to open, close, and sometimes lock a window. It is usually attached to casement windows or tilt-and-turn windows.

The design and finish of the handle can significantly influence the look of the window; for example, sleek, brushed nickel handles may give a contemporary feel, while ornate, cast iron handles can evoke a sense of Victorian elegance.



Window stays are used to hold a casement window open at a set position. In modern homes, stays may be simple and unobtrusive, finished in satin chrome or stainless steel for a minimalist look.

In contrast, a pewter or hand-forged iron stay would be more in keeping with the historical charm of a period townhouse.


Sash lift

Found on sash windows, a sash lift is attached to the bottom rail of the upper or lower sash and aids in the lifting and closing of the window.

Polished brass lifts can suggest a Georgian period style, while a simple, wrought iron lift may be more appropriate for a cottage aesthetic.


Sash lock

This locking mechanism is mounted on the meeting rails of sliding sash windows to secure them shut.

A bright chrome sash lock might be chosen for a modern home, whereas a patinated bronze finish could complement a historic, perhaps Victorian, property.


Axle pulley

Part of the mechanism of a traditional sash window, the axle pulley is mounted at the top of the window frame and guides the sash cord or chain that's connected to the weights.

This piece is often not visible, but when it is, a polished, lacquered brass finish might suit a formal setting, whereas a black iron finish would fit the aesthetic of an older, rustic property.

Popular ironmongery finishes

The shape, size, materials and visual motifs of your handle selection will define how your door looks, feels and operates. An elegant bow handle evokes a traditional elegance, while a minimalist lever creates a sleek contemporary statement.

ORB sash Fasnter

Oil rubbed bronze

Oil rubbed bronze offers a rich, dark hue that exudes a vintage charm, perfect for adding a touch of antiquity to bespoke timber windows and doors.

Its warm undertones provide an inviting atmosphere, ideal for classic and rustic interior themes.

PB sash fastener

Polished brass

Brass has been a staple in British homes for centuries, with its polished version harking back to the Georgian and Victorian eras where it signified wealth and status.

Polished brass shines with a golden sheen, lending a bright, reflective quality that can elevate the look of timber windows and doors, imparting a sense of luxury and traditional opulence.

Polished Chrome sash Fastner

Polished chrome

The use of chrome in interior finishes became popular in the UK during the Art Deco period, where it was associated with the glamour and forward-looking optimism of the time.

With its mirror-like sheen, polished chrome offers a sleek, modern aesthetic that complements the natural beauty of timber while providing a contemporary contrast.


Satin hrom sash fastener

Satin chrome

Satin chrome provides a muted elegance with its brushed finish, offering a subtle sophistication that works seamlessly with the textures of bespoke timber without overwhelming them.

The satin finish diffuses light rather than reflecting it, reducing the appearance of fingerprints and water spots, thereby ensuring a consistently clean appearance with minimal upkeep.


Matching ironmongery to your home’s style

Whether it's the bold brass knockers of a Victorian terrace, the gleaming chrome of Georgian elegance, the understated finesse of Edwardian craftsmanship, the stark beauty of modern design, or the quaint charm of cottage life, the right metalwork can make your home not just seen but felt.

Georgian Properties

For those of you with Georgian homes, it’s all about symmetry and proportion, and your ironmongery should be no different. Think polished chrome finishes that catch the light and gleam with understated opulence. 

Envision your door adorned with a brass viewer, winking at guests with its shiny façade or a fingerplate that invites a touch of glamour with every push. 

Box Windows - Lund 4

Georgian design is the little black dress of architecture; it doesn’t shout, but it sure does charm. Consider ironmongery that plays to the strengths of Georgian simplicity but with that unmistakable hint of luxury. 

It’s about classic tastes meeting timeless appeal and your home wearing it like the grandeur it was built to reflect.


Victorian Homes

Step into the drama and detail of the Victorian era with ironmongery that reflects the confidence and flair of the period.

Imagine your home greeting visitors with the classic elegance of a brass door knocker shaped like a lion’s head - not just a knocker, but a statement of stately drama. 


Or perhaps the tactile pleasure of turning a nickel beehive doorknob, cool and textured to the touch, that harks back to a time when every detail in a home was crafted with care. These aren’t just functional pieces; they’re the intricate accessories that dress your home in its Victorian best, giving a nod to a time of exuberance and ornamental beauty. 


Edwardian and Art Deco Residences

If your home speaks the language the Edwardian era, with its airier spaces and lighter touches, you'll want ironmongery that whispers quality without screaming for attention. 

Look for pieces in satin and brushed finishes - they're the sort that offers a firm handshake or a gentle pat on the back, not an overzealous bear hug. Their subtle class complements the transitional Edwardian style, where less is more, and elegance is key. 

Geometric shapes, sleek lines and bold ornamentation feature heavily in the Art Deco style, which often includes stylised motifs and bold chrome or brass finishes. 


Edwardian and Art Deco homes prioritise both craftsmanship and elegance, and although Edwardian residences tend to be more traditional and muted in comparison to the modernity and glamour of the Art Deco style, both homes showcase symmetry, balance and highlight the craftsman's expertise. 

Think of door furniture that stands out for its craftsmanship, like a polished brass handle or a hand forged black monkey tail stay for a traditional box window.


Modern and Contemporary Homes

For the modern mavens among you, the architecture of your home is a canvas for minimalism, where every line and curve is intentional, and every fixture is a piece of modern art. 

Here, ironmongery should slice through the air with clean lines and smooth surfaces in durable stainless steel or nickel. It could feel like the cool touch of technology - pragmatic, strong, and with an edge of innovation. 


As you select handles, locks, and fittings, think of them as the final touches on a sleek gadget, the functional yet beautiful design that makes all the difference in a contemporary setting. After all, modern homes deserve ironmongery that stands up to their forward-thinking facades.


Cottage-Style Dwellings

And for those cosy cottage homes tucked away in the rolling countryside, let’s talk wrought iron - the kind of ironmongery that looks like it's been forged by hand in a village smithy.

It's robust, full of character, and brimming with stories. Each piece, with its rustic charm and old-world feel, should be as unique as a fingerprint, a testament to the artisan's skill. 

Full house - Cottage

From black iron traditional lever door handles to hand forged pewter crook stays,  these are the bits and bobs that feel at home against the stone and wood of a cottage. 

And because we know the UK weather is as changeable as the landscapes, it’s wise to choose ironmongery with rust-resistant finishes to stand up to the challenge, keeping your cottage picturesque, come rain or shine.


The beauty of consistent ironmongery

Just as a well-considered wardrobe is built with pieces that work together, the ironmongery from your front porch to your back garden should have a consistent thread. It's about creating a smooth visual flow that ties together the windows, doors, cabinet hardware, and even the light fixtures.

This synchrony is not just pleasing to the eye; it’s a subtle nod to thoughtful design and attention to detail. It speaks volumes about the care and love you’ve poured into your space, making everything feel interconnected and intentional.

Continuity in ironmongery also offers a practical benefit – it simplifies decision-making for future updates or replacements. Once you've established your home's hardware 'genre,' picking new pieces is easier, and maintaining the aesthetic harmony of your home becomes second nature.


Fancy a chat about the perfect ironmongery for your bespoke windows or doors?

If the wide range of options in our showroom isn't enough, our team can help source something truly unique to add the finishing touch to your timber windows, doors, and gates.

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Post by Edward Falkingham
December 8, 2023