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We’re committed to the highest standards of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Our numerous accreditations, certifications and guarantees, like our A-rated BFRC windows and 10-year insurance-backed guarantees, provide you with complete peace of mind and confidence in your bespoke joinery journey.

A-rated BFRC wooden windows and doors

We take immense pride in offering our customers A-rated BFRC windows and doors, a testament to our commitment to quality and energy efficiency. The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) is a premier system for assessing the energy performance of windows and doors, rating them from A++ (highest efficiency) to E (lowest efficiency). This rating system is an invaluable guide for homeowners seeking to enhance their property's energy conservation. 

bfrc ratings

Choosing Falkingham Joinery's A-rated windows and doors brings multiple benefits to your home. Firstly, it addresses the ever-growing concern of rising energy costs. By installing our BFRC-rated energy-efficient windows and doors, you're investing in a solution that significantly reduces your energy bills. This efficiency is not just about cost-saving; it's also about reducing carbon emissions, contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment. 

What's behind the rating?

The BFRC energy rating is an energy balance of positive contributions from solar gain minus the negative factors of thermal heat loss and air leakage. The illustrations below describe how the various components of the window or door affect the overall energy performance.

Furthermore, our windows and doors exceed the minimum building regulations, offering a comfort level in your home that goes beyond the standard requirements. They are specifically designed to ensure your living space is more comfortable and energy-efficient, aligning perfectly with modern living standards and environmental consciousness.

A member of the British Woodworking Federation

The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) is an association that upholds the highest standards of craftsmanship and ethical practice in the woodworking and joinery industry. 

As a BWF member, we adhere to a rigorous Code of Conduct that encompasses an 8-point assessment, ensuring that our services and products are not only of superior quality but also ethically and environmentally responsible.

This comprehensive Code of Conduct covers vital areas such as customer care and responsiveness to feedback, ensuring that we maintain a strong focus on customer satisfaction. 


british woodworking federation


Our technical expertise and ongoing training guarantee that our team is equipped with the latest skills and knowledge in joinery. 

Environmental impact and waste management are key considerations in our operations, reflecting our dedication to sustainable practices. We strive to source materials from sustainable sources, underlining our commitment to preserving the environment. 

Our financial stability and comprehensive insurance coverage provide peace of mind to our clients, ensuring reliability and security in all our contractual dealings. Furthermore, we rigorously adhere to employment, health and safety, and education legislation, ensuring a safe and positive workplace for our team.

Being part of the BWF is not just about adhering to these standards; it's about continuously striving for improvement and excellence. We are committed to setting and maintaining a benchmark standard in the woodworking and joinery industry to promote and encourage quality and instil confidence in our clients.

Part Q Building Regulations

Falkingham Joinery is committed to adhering to Part Q of the Building Regulations, which is crucial for enhancing the security of new dwellings. 

Part Q of the Building Regulations, specifically focused on security, mandates that reasonable provisions must be made to resist unauthorised access to a dwelling.

part q regs

This includes ensuring that all easily accessible doors, including garage doorsets and communal entrance doorsets, are secure and in compliance with specific guidelines and standards​​.

Moreover, Falkingham Joinery ensures that ground floor, basement, and other easily accessible windows, including rooflights, meet the security requirements as outlined by British Standards publication PAS 24:2012. 

This involves designing windows to withstand physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar, ensuring they are both robust and fitted with appropriate hardware​​. By following these regulations, we provide our clients with the assurance of enhanced security, meeting and often exceeding the industry standards for safeguarding homes against unauthorised access.

Certass accredited 

R&E Falkingham Joinery proudly meets the stringent standards set out by both Certass and the Independent Warranty Association (IWA), ensuring that our services are not only of high quality but also offer you peace of mind and confidence in our work.


Certass, a competent person scheme established in 2006, regulates the glazing and installation of windows and doors within our industry. This scheme plays a pivotal role in safeguarding homeowners' interests by ensuring that all installations comply with the latest building regulations. As a Certass-certified company, R&E Falkingham Joinery adheres to the highest standards of installation quality. Our ongoing certification with Certass is a testament to our commitment to maintaining these standards, ensuring that every installation we undertake is executed with the utmost precision and care.

certass rating

Our work is insured and your deposit is protected

We are also accredited by the Independent Warranty Association (IWA). Since 1985, IWA has provided insurance-backed guarantees and deposit protection schemes, offering an additional layer of security and assurance for homeowners. Their operations are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, ensuring the highest levels of protection and reliability.

When you choose R&E Falkingham Joinery for your window and door installations, the process is safeguarded from start to finish. 


Upon paying a deposit, it is registered with IWA, and you are issued a deposit protection certificate. This ensures that your investment is secure and protected. 

After completing our work, you will receive a certificate directly from Certass, confirming that the installation complies with government standards and regulations. This certificate is an essential document for any future house sales or moves, providing proof of compliance and quality work. 

Furthermore, IWA issues a certificate confirming the 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, offering you long-term assurance in the durability and quality of our installations.

Accoya approved manufacturer

As an Accoya-approved manufacturer, Falkingham Joinery embraces the revolution of using Accoya, a modified, dimensionally stable wood known for its extraordinary performance and durability. 

Accoya has emerged as a distinguished material in the construction industry since its introduction in 2007, favoured by hundreds of manufacturers globally for its versatility and resilience. It's a material chosen for some of the most architecturally significant projects around the world, particularly for windows, doors, decking, and cladding, due to its superior quality and adaptability.

accoya approved manufacturer

One of the key distinctions of Accoya wood is its remarkable longevity and stability. It has earned the esteemed Cradle to Cradle® Certification at the Gold level, a rare achievement for building products. This certification underscores its sustainability and environmental friendliness from production to disposal. 

Accoya's durability is unparalleled, offering a 50-year warranty above ground due to its robust rot resistance, as validated by standard European tests and endorsed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and TRADA. These organisations support Accoya's claims of durability, allowing us to confidently offer this unprecedented warranty. Moreover, Accoya wood boasts a 25-year warranty when used in ground or freshwater conditions, making it an unrivaled choice in terms of reliability and endurance.

Our status as an Accoya-approved manufacturer means that our clients benefit from the highest standards of material performance, ensuring their installations stand the test of time.

The finishing touch: A paint system designed for longevity

We combine the excellence of Accoya wood with the advanced technology of Anker Stuy's paint system to create bespoke timber products with an unparalleled finish. Anker Stuy Coatings, in partnership with Accsys Technologies, has developed a range of coatings specifically formulated to optimise adhesion on Accoya wood, ensuring long-term durability​​. 

Accoya's unique properties, including its inherent stability and limited dimensional movement, make it highly resistant to the usual shrinkage and swelling seen in other timbers. This stability, when coupled with the moisture-resistant and durable nature of Anker Stuy coatings, provides our products with years of outdoor durability and minimal tendency to crack or flake​​.

Further enhancing this durability is Anker Stuy’s innovative Hydrolux coating system, which incorporates unique Tri-Cryl technology. This cutting-edge system has been rigorously field-tested and is proven to offer exceptional coating performance, with paint durability that comfortably exceeds 10 years​​. By integrating Accoya wood with Anker Stuy's advanced paint system, Falkingham Joinery ensures that each bespoke timber product we produce not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of aesthetics, longevity, and performance.


Post by Edward Falkingham
December 4, 2023