Spray Finishing

Factory Finished Joinery Coatings

Teknos Total Factory Applied Protection (TFAP) systems allow joinery manufacturers to produce fully engineered exterior joinery, with almost unlimited colour choice, in a single integrated finishing process.

By combining topically applied preservation technology, novel end-grain and joint sealing with protective basecoats and a flexible microporous paint system, the Teknos system allows manufacturers to meet the latest European performance standards whilst reducing process times and working capital.

Independently accredited and environmentally sensitive, the Teknos microporous paint system marks another significant step in improved joinery quality and performance from one of Europe’s leaders in industrial wood coatings.

Teknos committed to quality protecting our environment

Teknos, and its joinery manufacturing partners, share a commitment to quality and to meeting and exceeding best practice.

All Teknos’ factories have quality and environmental management systems, certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and our Industrial Wood plant in Vamdrup also holds an EMAS certificate.

Teknos joinery coatings, in keeping with their Scandinavian heritage, are water based, with VOC levels significantly below current and proposed legislative levels, and free of all heavy metal additives.